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FAQ – find the answers to the most frequently asked questions

What is the minimum required quantity?

With a minimum quantity of 6 bottles you can go ahead with your project. So you’ll have a unique gift for a special occasion. But also your large project is in safe hands with us.

2. How quickly will you be able to go ahead with my project?

Upon approval you can expect to receive your print about 4 weeks later.

3. How about the quality of the wine and can I taste it beforehand?

We always make sure that the wine within a beautiful bottle contains a top quality wine.  If it looks good, it will have to taste good, too!You can taste a selection of fine wine in our wine store. Alternatively, we can send you a sample package.

4. I already have a favourite wine!

Tell us about it!  We’ll arrange something with your favourite winemaker and find a solution.

5. The wine is great! Can I get more of it? 

For sure, you can reorder your wine at any time.

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Good Story

 Once there was a small store:

In 2020 the WEINBLICKER opened their first pop-up wine store enriching Vallendar with a new wine culture.

Johannes Hanschke and Sebastian Kipfmüller present regional wine from artisan businesses that provide honest and high quality.

“Looking for an easy access to fine wine? Then you’re just in the right place.”

Now, the wine bottles’ print is customisable. A special feature that exceeds the traditional paper label. Ideal for all occasions that ask for making a grand entrance.

We bring fine wine and design together, following the WEINBLICKERs’ principle:

We make fine wine even more splendid.

Why not drop by?

Weinblicker - Hanschke und Kipfmüller GbR
Hellenstrasse 29
56179 Vallendar