Everybody loves Coco


A lovely parcel for everyone.



Probably the most beautiful wine bottle of the world

The WEINBLICKER make their debut with CocoBelloPapi.

Only the best, paired with a lot of passion and the right mindset, all along.  The Moment Maker from Vallendar close to Coblenz create top-notch wine…


...with the pure appetite for life.


A wine that inspires. You’ll get the taste for it, have yet another glass, spend your time in good company, and without noticing find yourself in the small hours.

It promotes friendships, enlightens every get-together, makes you dwell on things and always leaves you with an ever greater joy - sip by sip.

Reunion and avant-garde of the Golden Twenties.

COCO  In the 1920s the young women’s fashion was known for costumes, hats, knee-length skirts, loose flapper dresses and shirt dresses as well as the little black dress.

BELLO – The Golden Twenties, the Roaring Twenties, are associated with Flappers, cigarette holders, Charleston, feather boas and pinstripe suits.


PAPI – (diminutive form of father “tonight I will disobey you”)

The atmosphere in the 1920s was electrified. While Josephine Baker was dancing lasciviously, Cocaine dealers hang around outside the clubs. Letting your hair down in the world’s finest clubs, just like a rebel with the desire to never feel tired. 

CocoBelloPapi is an extraordinary piece of wine.

CocoBelloPapi is an extraordinary piece of wine. An absolutely harmonious Cuvée from Sauvignon blanc, Gewurztraminer and a hint of Chardonnay. A revealing and brave combination bursting with self-confidence and a character that is second to none. The tropical and fruity flavour of the Sauvignon blanc meets the Gewurztraminer’s elegancy. 2 characters that merge into perfect harmony. A dry wine with well-balanced acidity, exciting yet subtle with a pleasant length. 

A wine made from friends for friends.
The winery Stallmann-Hiestand from Rhine-Hesse is dedicated to a wine that has quality and panache. Christoph Hiestands passion meets the WEINBLICKERs’ enthusiasm.

Perfectly harmonises with French Blue Cheese and every kind of antipasti. The right companion for nice evening, even without solid food.